AEA understands that not everyone may be in the financial position to make energy efficient upgrades to their homes.

Most utility companies have recognized this and have established special income-based weatherization programs to help. These programs offer an array of ZERO-COST energy-reducing solutions for those chosen to participate in their programs. Some of these upgrades include: installation of attic insulation, repairing loose or broken duct work, duct sealing and several other services that effectively reduce the amount of energy lost in an participant’s home.

Now for some more good news– Because of our reputation and good-standing relationships with a number of utilities, we have been chosen to help facilitate some of these programs. Please review the list below and see if we are currently involved in a weatherization program near you.


Tampa Electric’s weatherization initiative includes: adding attic insulation, conducting a full duct seal on a functioning non-metallic duct system, installing weatherstripping*, caulking leaky windows*, providing the customer with several CFL light bulbs and several other energy-saving items.


Tampa Electric determines eligibility for their program based on whether or not a resident lives within the active census tracts.


JEA’s weatherization initiative includes adding attic insulation, conducting a full duct seal on a functioning non-metallic duct system as well as several other energy-saving measures. We are the premiere service-provider of insulation and duct seal for this program. The other energy-saving measures mentioned above are conducted by a 3rd party affiliate.


Eligibility for this program is determined by a 3rd party affiliate and is income-driven. Residents who live within a selected group of census tracts may be eligible for this program. To find out if you are eligible, please contact JEA and ask about their Neighborhood Energy Efficiency Program.