Is the Tampa Electric Weatherization Program A Scam? October 29, 2014 | FAQ,News

Has someone come to your door asking you to participate in the Tampa Electric Weatherization Program recently?

Are they telling you this is a program where you can get your home insulated and ducts sealed for free?

If so, you probably are asking yourself a couple questions:
“Is this a scam?”
“Why would TECO insulate my house for free?”
“Who is AEA, and what is weatherization?”

No, the Tampa Electric Weatherization Program is not a scam. In fact, it is 100% free for qualifying Tampa Electric customers.

How Can This Program be Free?

There is a detailed explanation for this, but to make a long story short, besides Tampa Electric is required to provide energy conservation measures to a certain number of customers each year. If you fall into a qualifying territory, congratulations! You are eligible for free insulation, a free duct seal, and some other free stuff!

What Role Does AEA Play in the Tampa Electric Weatherization Program?

As a Tampa Electric preferred contractor, AEA (that’s us!) will upgrade your attic insulation, perform a full-system duct seal, and install energy-efficient upgrades such as CFL lightbulbs in your home for free.

Homeowner’s Beware

Watch out! Not everyone who comes to your door talking about saving energy is representing this program. In fact, only two contractors were selected by Tampa Electric to administer this program. Here’s what to look for:

Official Tampa Electric Weatherization representatives will be wearing a bright safety green shirt with the weatherization logo on it.

A Tampa Electric Weatherization Representative from AEA

AEA’s weatherization sales force will also have a company-issued badge.

For more information, or if you’d like to find out if AEA is servicing your area, contact us today.

AEA Weatherization Logo

Good News For Jacksonville March 21, 2013 | News

Spotted: JEA has just tweeted that they have increased their rebate for attic insulation from $150 to $300.

What does this mean for our Jacksonville residents? Low cost attic insulation for everyone!

By adding JEA’s insulation rebate with the AEA Advantage, Jacksonville residents can greatly reduce their heating and cooling costs by adding attic insulation for pennies on the dollar. If you are interested in a lower energy bill give us a call to find out if you qualify for this rebate and start saving today.

Keep in mind, this rebate increase is not permanent and could be reduced at any time!

Are Your Electronics Sucking Your Wallet Dry? July 27, 2012 | News


What is Vampire Energy?

Vampire energy is an expression coined to represent energy used to power electronic devices while on “stand-by” or “sleep” mode.

Is Vampire Energy Loss Significant?

Yes, according to research done by Energy Star, the average household spends $100 a year on energy leeching devices. On a national scale, vampire energy is accountable for over 100 billion kilowatt hours of electricity consumption and $10 billion in annual energy costs.

Keep The Fangs Off Your Wallet

Just as garlic is said to repel Dracula, vampire energy can be warded off as well using a few simple techniques:

When buying new appliances look for those that are Energy Star qualified products. These products are designed to use less energy in stand-by mode.

Check computers and portable devices for power management software. More recent computers have software to help manage the computer’s use of power.

Use an electrical strip with a master on/off switch. This will make it easy to turn off multiple electrical devices with the flip of one switch.

Unplug your chargers. This applies to phones, laptops, mp3 players, and any other device charger. These chargers will continue to draw power if they are plugged in, even when they are not charging a device.


So don’t forget your garlic when traveling at night and follow the steps above to help prevent vampire energy from sinking it’s teeth into your bank account.


New Technology: Low-Wind Turbines April 24, 2012 | News


A company in Spain called Gamesa has developed a new wind turbine that may be the solution to harnessing wind power in low-wind areas.

Wind power is becoming one of the most popular sources of alternative energy. Now that it has become more affordable it is beginning to rival that of fossil fuels and solar energy. However, because wind turbines have always required high velocity winds many urban cities have not been able to utilize wind as a source of energy.

The introduction of Gamesa’s newest turbine, the G114-2.0 MW Class III, looks like it may be the solution to this long-faced dilemma. With its longer blades and a turbine tuned for low power density, it looks like wind power just might be coming to a city near you.

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Reaching New Heights With Wind Power April 22, 2012 | News

Altaeros Energies, a company from Massachusetts has created a working prototype of a helium-filled floating wind turbine. This wind turbine is capable of generating twice the power of its land-bound counterpart. Due to the high altitude, these turbines are subject to much stronger and much more consistent winds. Take a look at a demonstration of this turbine in action!


Business Intelligence for Utilities April 10, 2012 | News

Business Intelligence is not a new term used among utility companies. Utilities have been analyzing data for years in order to provide power to their customers that is safe, reliable and affordable. The issue facing utilities today is that there is much more data coming from a more advanced variety of sources and being dispersed to multiple areas of their organization.

If you work for a utility that operates on a ‘smart grid’ and plan to use your data for something other than billing the article below will offer five planning strategies that will ensure you get off on the right foot.

JEA’s “Smart” Meters December 7, 2011 | News

JEA has renewed their contract for their advanced metering program for electric and water meters. What does this mean for their customers? More up-to-date data about their energy consumption available through an easy-to-use web portal.

These advanced meters, or “smart” meters as some would call them, also open up the door to more energy efficiency and payment options, such as prepaid metering and automated power outage detection.

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A “Kill-A-Watt” Competition December 5, 2011 | News

This video showcases a competition that was presented to students at the University of Central Florida. This competition rewarded students with scholarship money for those that could sustain the most energy-efficient dormitory buildings.

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Department of Energy Helps Thousands December 5, 2011 | News

The Department of Energy’s Weatherization Assistance Program was able to perform weatherization upgrades for over 750 thousand homes.

These weatherization upgrades helped reduce energy consumption for low-income families by as much as 35 percent. That is a savings of more than $400 on their heating and cooling bills within the first year alone!

Read more about their Weatherization Assistance Program here:


Energy Conservation Is A Global Concern December 5, 2011 | News

Energy conservation is not just a fad, it’s the future. Check out this video to see how Europe plans to achieve their energy efficiency goals over the next ten years.